Interlibrary loans for students and staff members of Rzeszow University

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contact: Anna Buszta, MA: tel. 17 872-13-83, wypmiedz [at] ur [dot] edu [dot] pl


The Library of Rzeszow University can order books (as well as photocopies of articles), which are not available in our stock or in any Rzeszow libraries, for the needs of research of students, PhD students and staff members of Rzeszow University, from domestic and foreign libraries, under the scheme for interlibrary loans. 

Requests for materials are accepted ONLY via the OPAC/INTEGRO catalog and activated facility of Interlibrary Loans.

To get your access you should:

The Interlibrary Loan account in the OPAC/INTEGRO catalog provides:

According to the UR Rector’s order No 6/2017 of February the 1st 2017the ordering party shall bear the costs of sending back the requested books and making the photocopies of documents see price list 

In case of financing the orders from funds other than own funds, placed in the Interlibrary Loan Service, students or staff members of Rzeszow University are required to write an application letter to the Interlibrary Loan specialist (Room No 111) before placing the order. The letter should indicate the source (and the amount) of financing, and should be signed by the Dean of the Faculty, the Director of the Institute as well as by a financial and accounting specialist, and in case of financing from research project resources – by the project manager.

Fees are paid at the counter “Library cards” in the Lending Room. Ordered books can be read only in the Periodicals Reading Room. Electronic documents are posted by email on paying the given fees, only to addresses in the domains, or

In case of scanning you can also make the payment to the bank account:
Bank PEKAO S.A., account number: 90 1240 2614 1111 0000 3970 2135 with a note: Payment for the materials from the Interlibrary Loan Service of Rzeszow University

Implementation details of interlibrary requests are specified in the Regulations.

International interlibrary requests are fulfilled for example under the IFLA Voucher Scheme as well as SUBITO System - see price list