The Chronology of Facts about the University Library

the origin of the Local Department of Cracow Pedagogical University in Rzeszów together with as small reference book collection
the first full-time job for Jadwiga Orzech, Maj
The Local Department of Cracow Pedagogical University is transformed into the Pedagogical University in Rzeszów by the regulation of the Cabinet
the origin of the Pedagogical University Library in Rzeszów; Mieczysław Motyka, MA is appointed as its director; the book collection comprises over 50 thousand volumes; the library consists of two departments: the Acquisition and Completion Department as well as Lending Library Department
the book collection of the Pedagogical University Library in Rzeszów increases many times and comprises over 190 thousand volumes, including 13 thousand periodicals and 13 thousand volumes of special collection
the creation of the Polish Study - 'Pigonianum' and the Special Collection Department
the creation of the Scientific Information Department
Rzeszów University comes into being on the basis of three universities located in Rzeszów: Pedagogical University, the branch of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University of Lublin and Non-local Rzeszów Economic Department of Hugo Kołłątaj Agricultural Academy in Cracow. The libraries of the aforementioned universities combine to form the Library of Rzeszów University together with the libraries of Economic Department and Law Department.
a long awaited (for over 9 years) move to the new location at 12 Cegielniana Street (today Pigon Street)
traditional library catalogs are closed, scientific conference "Tradition and modernity in academic libraries", launching of  instant messeaging service
databases created in Department Of Information Science are available via WWW 
on-line library catalog is included to Karo, creation one lending room 
creation of Podkarpacka Digital Library, implementation of standard MARC21, first Night of Library
wi-fi in library building, change of address - Pigon Street, librarians participate in Erasmus Programme, second Night of Library