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The computer catalogue OPAC is a basic catalogue of the books and periodicals held by the University Library. It contains information about substantial majority of all the library collection. The rest of library resources is registerered by a traditional card catalogue.

Catalogue OPAC can be accessed by web - and from from dedicated terminals in the Rzeszów University Library. To log in you need to know your card number and password.

Readers can communicate with the computer catalogue through e-mail in the following fields:

  • the system automatically sends a reminder about the expiry date of the book(s) which you have borrowed
  • the system automatically sends the information about the fulfilled order, i.e. about the ordered book(s) which is/are waiting in the lending library to be collected by the reader
  • the system automatically sends the information about the fulfilled reservation, i.e. about the reserved book which has been returned and therefore its status is changed into the ordered one - then you have to send the order within 7 days
  • the reader can individually send an e-mail including the list of searching results (using the searching strategy) to his own e-mail account

In order to use the above-mentioned options, you have to add your current e-mail address to the personal data in your library account.

We should also like to inform you that, from October 2006, you can extend the expiry date of the given book(s) by yourself, through the catalogue: OPAC WWW. It's very important as charges are imposed for returning the books to the lending library after the expiry date.


Shelfmarks - description of location in catalogues :

 wyp.Lending Roomcomputer ordering and lending books home
 Ewyp.Lending Roomcomputer ordering and lending books home
 Pwyp.Lending Roomcomputer ordering and lending books home
 I czMathematical and Natural Science Reading Roomfree access
 II czArts Reading Roomfree access
Storecomputer ordering to the reading room, books available only in the library
 inf.Scientific Informationfree access
 Pig.Pigonianum Reading Roombooks available only in the Pigonianum Reading Room
Speciall Collections Reading Roombooks available only in the Special Collections Reading Room
Scientific Periodicals Reading Roomtraditional ordering in the Research Periodicals Reading Room
EczReading Room of Economy Department free access
computer ordering


To check the location of a book in the given reading room you should see the description of the books (with the following remarks next to catalogue numbers: inf., I cz, II cz, Pig., ZS

The card catalogues
The card catalogues (alphabetical and subject) were closed in May 2005 at the catalogue number: 350 000. You should use the catalogues when the given book is not recorded in the computer catalogue. Then, you should type the catalogue number of the book in the appropriate window of the catalogue.

The library staff will help eagerly in using the catalogue. You are invited to ask questions, phone and write as well as share all your observations on the library catalogue.