Reading rooms

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Reading rooms in the Library of Rzeszow University.

  • Arts Reading Room (1st floor)
    In this reading room there is available book collection covered following fields: classic literature Polish and foreign, linguistics, philological studies, social science, psychology, pedagogics, history, economy, law, religion - in all over 20 000 books. In this reading room Goethe Institut Mediothek has place as well.
  •  Mathematical and Natural Science Reading Room (ground floor)
    There is available book collections from: mathematics, physics, computer scence, engineering and technology, ecology, biology, chemistry, medicine, nursing, sport and tourism, geography.
  • Scientific Information (1st floor)
    This reading room offers information and reference services: catalogue, bibliographical, fact-collecting and others provided in a traditional way or through www. There is following information book collection: dictionaries, encyclopaedias, bibliographics and electronic sources, databases as well. Fourteen computers with Internet are waiting for users
  • Scientific Periodicals Reading Room (1st floor)
    There is available over 2100 titles of Polish and foreign periodicals and five computers with Internet.
  • "Pigonianum" Reading Room (ground floor)
    This reading room comprises over 9000 books, which were in ownership of Stanisław Pigon.
  • Special Collections Reading Room (1st floor)
    There are the most valuable books in Library: old prints, books from nineteen century, Galicia's scholastic returns and Rzeszów University doctoral dissertations. Electronic, audio, video resources and microfilms are available as well